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Tool for manipulation of Intel ihex files.


For a developer of embedded software, the Intel HEX format files are not unknown. This tool manipulates the file as well as dumps information about it.

NOTE: this software replaces ihexdump


Show help information:

./ihex --help

Dump the file test.hex:

./ihex --input test.hex --dump

Dump the file test.hex to a specific file:

./ihex --input test.hex --dump --output test.dump.txt

Output the file test.hex as hex format file:

./ihex --input test.hex --ihex

Display information about its content:

./ihex --input test.hex --info

Erase memory region and output as hex file:

./ihex --input test.hex --erase-region 0x00002000 --ihex

Move memory region and output as hex file:

./ihex --input test.hex --move-region 0x2000-0x4000 --ihex

Move memory region and output as specific hex file:

./ihex --input test.hex --move-region 0x2000-0x4000 --ihex --output test-new.hex


All source code provided by this page is distributed under the terms of the GPLv2.

Use this software on your own risk.



This source is C++11 compliant, building (with GCC):

g++ -o ihex ihex.cpp -Wall -Wextra -pedantic -O2 --std=c++11

Strip the binary:

strip -s ihex