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Tips and Tricks
© 2002 / Mario Konrad

This page contains a collection of useful tips and tricks with LaTeX. Unlike the real cookbook out there, this page shows briefly some examples and how to do them in LaTeX. Nothing for LaTeX professionals, move along ;-)

Nice Quotes

There are many books containing quotes at the beginning of chapters. This is a possible solution how to do them:

    \textit{Wer weiss,\\
        dass er nichts weiss,\\
        der ist der H"ochste\\
        -- Lao Tse}

It looks like this:

Nice Headings

Use the package fancyheadings in order to change the appearance of the header and footer. Example:

    % ...
    % ...
    \lhead{Lebenslauf von Mario Konrad}
    \cfoot{Copyright by Mario Konrad}
    % ...

The appearance is omitted, just try it yourself.

Change Margins

Sometimes it is useful to change the margins of your pages. This example uses the package vmargin. There are other ways to do this, it's only to show you one working example.

    % ...
    % ...
    %          {left} {right} {top}  {bottom}
    \setmargrb {20mm} {10mm}  {10mm} {10mm}
    % ...

This example is not dependent on the paper size you're using.