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Slashdot Clichés
© / Mario Konrad

There are several types on Slashdot:

The Russian: In Soviet Russia cliché lists make you!

The Megalomaniac: Imagine a beowulf cluster of cliché lists!

The Linux Zealot: Cliché list? Does it run Linux?

The Submissive: I for one, welcome our new cliché list maker overlords!

The Prophet: Cliché lists are dead, Netcraft confirms it.

The Manager: 1. Make a list of Slashdot clichés 2. ??? 3. Profit!

The Elder:

Didn't you RTFA??


You must be new here, welcome to Slashdot!

The Dictator: All your cliché lists are belong to us.

The Maniac Voter: I have no cliché list, you insensitive clod!

The Natalie-Portman-Lover:

The Russian-Wannabe: I Korea, cliché lists are only for old people.

The brave Samurai Slashdot cliché list will be bundled with Windows Longhorn... in Japan!

Some real explanations found on Wikipedia.