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Game Cheat: WarCraft III - Reign of Chaos
© 2002 / Mario Konrad

During the game, press [Enter], enter the code and press [Enter] again.

Code Description
iseedeadpeople disables fog of war
thereisnospoon unlimitted mana
whosyourdaddy invulnerable units, one hit kills
allyourbasearebelongtous win mission immediately
somebodysetupusthebomb loose mission immediately
SharpAndShiny all upgrades
greedisgood x increase gold and lumber by x units, if x is not specified, 500 units are given
WarpTen build fast
WhoIsJohnGalt fast research
TheDudeAbides no waiting time between the spells
KeyserSoze x gives x amount of gold, if x is not specified, 500 gold pieces are given
LeafItToMe x gives x amount of lumber, if x is not specified, 500 units are given
PointBreak no more farms needed
ItVexesMe turns off win trigger, you can't win the mission any more
strengthandhonor turns off loose trigger, you can't loose the mission any more
Synergy research-tree is turned off, build every unt immediately
RiseAndShine turn time to day
LightsOut turn time to night
DaylightSavings x jumps to the hour x (0..23)
Motherland race level jump to the single player mission, values for race are: human, nightelf, undead, ork